Field Aqvadisk devices application

Spring water is a miracle of the nature! Knowingly in Russia spring water was considered sacred, and sources are as the holy. And the places in which at the face of the earth from under the earth appeared water, were especially honored. The water getting from under the earth, – is as soul of the person and in the name – a spring-spring water – we hear the Native land voice. Pure, crystal water gives Us forces and the memories of purity which is not so often appears in our urban life. Approach to a spring and you will see, how the sky is reflected in its crystal-transparent water. Scoop pure, spring water and you will understand, that water of life from the Russian fairy tales, which returned force and a life, beauty and health, it is not an invention! It is here at you in your apartment!

We very seldom can use SPRING water. And natural water is a key of our health, beauty and longevity. Our devices also are intended for those who lives in cities and has no possibility to use high-quality, natural water.

Water, filtered or butylated water- is the water received by technical way, but this water – is «dead». Aqvadisk is intended, to transform it into a «live», i.e. to restore the natural structure of water.


1. Each hour drink at least 1 cup of unboiled water, and on the average in day of 2-2,5 liters. We recommend you drink water: for half an hour before meal and after meal in 1,5 hours.

2. Natural juice, berry juices, compotes etc. Pour a drink into a glass jug. Put a jug on AQVADISK. Twirl a drink by a shovel counter-clockwise before formation of a deep funnel. In 20-40 minutes the drink will be ready.

3. Prepare tea, coffee, soups, broths, etc. on the water, treated by AQVADISK. The food and the drinks prepared in this water will essentially change their taste.

4. Wash (not being wiped), have a shower bath, rinse your hair with the water, treated by AQVADISK. The skin becomes soft, the sensation «tightness» and a peeling disappears. The hair wetted with such water, becomes shining and healthy.

5. At preparation of cosmetic masks use the water, treated by AQVADISK. Prepare masks in a glass or pottery. The masks prepared on this water, are better acquired and are more active.

6. For activation of ready-made creams on a water basis, shift a cream in a glass wares and put on AQVADISK. In 30 minutes the cream will become more active and assimilability its by skin will raise.

7. Alcohol drinks are only processed in a glass wares (for example, in a glass bottle with a flat bottom, with an open cover or in a glass jug). A liquid in glass wares on AQVADISK to «twist» counter-clockwise. In 10 minutes repeat the procedure again. In 40 – 60 minutes the drink will qualitatively change. For comparison it is recommended before putting a drink on AKVADISK, to cast a part of contents of a bottle in separate capacity for the subsequent comparison and to carry away in other room. After drink treated by AQVADISK compare the cleared drink and initial. The more qualitatively the initial drink, the is less time of its treating and more quality of an end-product

8. Pour plants, sprouts, presoak seeds. Before planting of seeds in a ground without soaking put seeds on АQVADISK for 15 – 30 minutes. Germination index will increase, resistibility of plants to various diseases will raise, their growth will amplify, productivity will raise.


Bathing – is not only pleasure and personal hygiene, but also a health source. The skin – is a third kidney of our organism. And from in what water we take baths, our state of health directly depends. The hot bath expands pores, our body starts to «breathe» and absorb that water in which we bathe.

The simultaneous use of the potable water treated by device AQVADISK, and taking baths with AQVADISK – 500 will improve work of all organism. In taking such baths the general state of health improves. The organism faster and easier restores after stressful situations. The skin becomes elastic, the sensation of «tightness», a peeling disappears. The hair wetted with such water, becomes shining and healthy, hair loss stops.

Biological properties of activated water by AKVADISK are optimum approached to properties of internal environment of the person, what makes this water especially valuable.

АQVADISK – 500 it is executed from piezoelectric ceramics and silver electrodes. The device is placed in the wooden case. There are inside АQVADISK – 500: power supply, broadband frequency generator and amplifier. АQVADISK – 500 is intended for activation, additional cleaning and restoration of the natural properties of water. АQVADISK – 500 is not intended for water purification from mechanical impurities.